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Family Fun and Portraits.

Are you interested in taking better pictures of your family kids and friends… If yes join us for our Family Fun Portraits weekend. 

Our educational photo series continues with Local photographer Doug McLarty. Starting on Friday evening, a full day Saturday and afternoon session Sunday where we will actually be engaged in taking pictures of your family you will learn about your camera settings, lighting, composition and photographic styles, image processing and image sharing.

Today’s digital cameras and cellular phones are full of settings and adjustments and we will explore the menus and all those dials you may see. Once we understand all the settings we will take time to play with some simple lighting and flash, natural lighting from windows, bounced flash, and diffused flash light and more to bring the best out of your portraits. 

We will learn about styles of photography, which will take us from a regular out of camera image to high contrast, grey scale, art filters and more.

Everyone has a good side and we will look at our composition to bring out the good side on your subject. And let us not forget about the kids and action. We will set up our cameras for the fun shots and grab action shots.

Then we will learn how best to share our images and learn some of the do’s and don’ts of today’s electronic world we live in.

All are welcome to attend new or old. New or old cameras, cellular phones too.

Look for our next educational session Family Fun Portraits weekend and sign up.


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