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Our Seasons - We have a tour to suit every season no matter when you visit and we will create a special tour just for you and your interests.

Spring time the Tundra comes alive as the winter snow melts. We venture out in search of the migrating birds that arrive in May and June. Snow Buntings, Geese, Pacific Loons Red Throated Loons, Peregrine Falcons, Tundra Swans, Hawks and the song birds all arrive.

Summer the tundra starts to turn green with vibrant colors and sounds. The flowers bloom in early July, Arctic Fox emerge from their dens with young pups, Caribou migrations travel through the area, there is so much to see in a short time…but not to worry as the day is never every ending with 20 hours of light. 

Late August to September the Tundra turns to hibernation reds, yellows, all at a peak. Late day sunsets are forever and often end with Aurora filling the darken skies dancing above your heads.

Winter is upon us in late October to March but that opens up new worlds of white. Aurora in the dark season is vivid and can appear regularly across the skies. Arctic Foxes white in colour can be found with a sharp eye. The Tundra takes shape with snow sculptures and windblown drifts. No Matter what season we have so much to offer for your visit with us.


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